We provide comprehensive legal services in all areas of law. We advise, represent to courts, other state bodies and third parties and provide other "everyday" legal support to individuals, legal entities and entrepreneurs in the performance of their activities.

Civil law

- Obligatory law - compensation of damages / representation before insurance companies, representation before courts / - contractual liability
- ownership relations / property, state /
- inheritance law (initiation of liturgical proceedings, representation on the ensuing hearings, the composition of the covenants, the contracts prescribed by the Inheritance Law - life support contracts, the contract on the distribution of assets for life
- family law - representation in divorce proceedings, legal support, trust of minor children, protection against domestic violence, composition of marital contracts

Criminal law

- defense of clients in pre-criminal and investigative proceedings,
- access to the main trial,
- the composition of initial acts, regular and extraordinary legal remedies,
- representation of the injured party

Commercial law

- founding (status) legal acts and representation in the founding process, composition of decisions, contracts, assistance in the process of bankruptcy, and reorganization, representation before commercial courts

Administrative law

- composition of initial acts (requests, applications) and representation before administrative bodies, composition of submissions, remedies
- administrative dispute before the Administrative Court

Labor law

- representation in labor disputes before the courts,

Misdemeanor procedure

-declared clients in misdemeanor proceedings

Administrative procedures

- all stages of the administrative procedure

Litigation, extra-judicial and enforcement proceedings

- representation in civil proceedings before the courts,
- the composition of lawsuits, submissions, remedies,
- representation in extra-judicial proceedings - physical divisions,
- the composition of the proposal for enforcement based on the executive document, the authentic document, the composition of the objection, the realization of the collection of receivables


- turnover of real estate (sale, gift)
- the composition of the employment contract,
- business technical cooperation

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